Ubiquiti 5GHz AirMax Dual Omni, 10dBi

Ubiquiti 5GHz AirMax Dual Omni, 10dBi

Ubiquiti 3GHz AirMax Dual Omni, 12dBi

Ubiquiti 3GHz AirMax Dual Omni, 12dBi

Ubiquiti 2GHz AirMax Dual Omni, 13dBi

Ubiquiti's omnidirectional antenna was designed for seamless integration, giving network architects unparalleled flexibility and convenience. Improved performance in latency, throughput, & scalability compared to other outdoor systems in its class.
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Ubiquiti AMO-2G13 - high capacity and innovation

The omnidirectional Ubiquiti AMO-2G13 antenna is a solution dedicated to airMax 802.11n standard devices.

The antenna boosts the range and access point data transfer speed. It is easily mounted with Rocket M devices.





The antenna is distinguished by its 13 dBi gain, vertical and horizontal polarisation as well as a 1.7:1 standing wave ratio. The device works in the 2.4 GHz band.



When connected with Rocket M series products (sold separately) the device creates a 2x2 MIMO Point-to-Multipoint base station.



High quality

AMO-2G13 consists of durable components and this is why it works efficiently even in unfavourable weather conditions. The use of the latest technologies leads to perfect parameters, which in turn mean the highest quality.



Key features

  • works in the 2.4 GHz band
  • 13 dBi gain
  • Dual-Linear polarisation
  • 2x2 MIMO
  • 1390 x 122 x 105 mm size


  AMO-2G10 AMO-2G13 AMO-3G12 AMO-5G10 AMO-5G13
FREQUENCY 2.4 GHz 2.4 GHz 3 GHz 5 GHz 5 GHz
GAIN 10 dBi 13 dBi 12 dBi 10 dBi 13 dBi
DIMENSIONS* 1030 x 122 x 84 mm 1390 x 122 x 105 mm 1012 x 122 x 105 mm 582 x 90 x 65 mm 799 x 90 x 65 mm
POLARIZATION Dual-Linear Dual-Linear Dual-Linear Dual-Linear Dual-Linear


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