Teltonika Router RUTX08 RUTX08000000

Teltonika Router RUTX08 RUTX08000000

Teltonika Router RUT240 LTE GLOBAL VERSION

Teltonika Router RUT240 LTE GLOBAL VERSION

Teltonika Remote Management System (RMS) for 1 device per 1 month

Availability: Large inventory

Teltonika Remote Management System – comfortable management panel

Teltonika Remote Management System (RMS) was designed to conveniently monitor and manage Teltonika network devices. The system facilitates a secure collection of information about the state of the devices. It also allows you to change their configuration, even when their IP addresses are not public.


Centralized solution

With RMS you can access, monitor and control routers from one interface in your web browser. The solution is compatible with all browsers and does not require installation or additional plugins.



Greater efficiency

Teltonika Remote Management System allows you to implement the desired configuration or a new version of the software in many devices or groups of devices at the same time, significantly reducing the cost of system maintenance.


Availability and security

Owing to RMS your routers will not need a public IP address in order to access them remotely, reduce maintenance costs and increase their productivity. Communication between routers and the server is secured by the means of OpenVPN connection which requires no configuration and protects the communication channel.



Maintenance and diagnostics

RMS users receive information which helps them quickly respond to potential problems. The system allows them to locate the device and check its temperature or signal strength.



RMS increases performance across the network, allowing the user to control its operation at all times.


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